Night Owl

Night Owl

Isn’t she lovely? Her name is Emma, and she, if you haven’t already noticed, has a style that could kill. She’s a night owl; she likes late night looks. Many women think that clubbing or a night out requires a dress or skirt. Emma here, proves us all wrong! Her ombre-esque Free People tank has been paired with…leggings! Black and classic. To make her simple and comfortable outfit worthy of night life she throws on the sexiest wedges I have seen. The tan color pops against the darker hues of her outfit, but still keep the look clean and relaxed. Emma’s look is topped off with a wood-beaded necklace (which she got from an awesome thrift store here in Milwaukee) and a beaded bracelet that adds a tiny bit of color to her neutral-toned ensemble. So ladies, next time you decide to go out, maybe pass up the dress? And if I haven’t convinced you, just look at the picture again.


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