Rainy Day Rendezvous

For Article:

Looking cute on a rainy day isn’t always that easy. Your hair gets frizzy…okay well maybe that’s just me. But, your hair gets frizzy, your mascara runs, your socks soak through. Basically, it’s just an insane mess. But…not if you’re this random girl I just found on the street! She has got her act together. Though you cannot see the front of her (which I do purposely to keep identities anonymous), she is wearing a camouflage  print t-shirt, high waisted black “schoolgirl-esque” mini, combat boots, and a simple leather purse. So the outfit is spot on for comfort and style. However, the focus is this umbrella. It totally softens her edgy look and creates a ray of sunshine on such a gloomy day! This rainy day necessity becomes a rainy day accessory. So, the moral of the story is… there is no reason to cry over a bit of frizz or a soggy sock; there is a way to look stylish in any weather!



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