Risking Floral

Shoes. An essential accessory, a defining aspect to an outfit, and really a necessary item to wear in order to get in to about any restaurant, store, or building. You get it. I personally believe that the shoes you wear can either make or break an outfit. This being said, let’s talk about these pairs of floral pumps/wedges. *pause to appreciate how fabulous they are* These are the ultimate spring/summer shoe. You could literally wear a potato sack with these shoes and look better than a good 75% of the people at the same event. It’s fun to wear a statement shoe because unlike jewelry or hats, they are not the first item noticed by surrounding individuals. But, once noticed, they are forever imprinted into the minds of all the jealous fashionistas that have been desperately trying to find a similar pair. Many people like to play it safe when it comes to shoes, but if your attending a Mexican Fiesta, such as these lovely young women, take a risk! My aunt photographed these shoes for a reason; they are muy bonita (very pretty). Honestly, the last time anyone said “wow cute shoes!” to my plain black pumps was….let’s see, uh, never.



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