S.O.S! Study Attire: Is that a thing?

It’s Sunday, which means…study time. Who wants to get dressed up for studying? Nobody. That’s who. But, you are going to a public place where there could possibly be cute boys or girls…ugh! No fear, SOS is here! For example, this situation is my life at the moment. I am wearing a comfortable t-shirt, light sweater, and super casual skirt. I can still contort my legs into weird positions to study but if a cute blonde sits down next to me *cough*, I can nonchalantly untangle my legs and sit properly in a skirt. Which is slightly more attractive than my polka dot pajama pants. What about the guys? Just don’t wear sweats! Put on some jeans and T! Ok, jeans are obviously not as comfortable as your athletic sweatpants but girls notice the boys that put in a little effort! And plus, you never know who you’re going to meet… 😉


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