Fashion Week: Golden Girl

Gold is one of those colors that can either end up looking super classy or super trashy. Unfortunately, the latter of the two is what most people see on a daily basis…Anyways, my point is that it is a bit hard to pull of a statement garment in a gold hue. But if done right, the look can be more than successful. It can be unbelievably chic, sophisticated, and so so stylish. For example, the woman above has done it right. And she looks absolutely stunning. It’s funny, although her jacket has a glimmer and is an obvious gold piece, it lacks the obnoxiousness and clutter that many gold garments normally emit. Her choice to simplify the rest of her outfit was a smart one. Tight black pants with a slight leather accent. Simple and minimal jewelry. Hair off her neck to highlight the structured shoulders of her golden jacket. And last but not least, her shoes that give the outfit a collective edge. Though these shoes provide an additional color to the outfit, your focus still remains on her jacket. Which is her objective. The light aquamarine color of her stilettos just adds an extra “oomph”. She looks clean. She looks relaxed and confident. She is a class act in gold. She truly is a golden girl.


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