Leather Legs

What comes to mind when leather becomes the topic of conversation: motorcyclists clad in head-to-toe leather…Or the occasional bull rider wearing ass-less chaps? That is a great image. Seriously. My deepest apologies. But on a more fashionable and less disturbing note, leather pants are the hottest item to rock these days. I see them everywhere. Especially in such a fabulous city where up and coming trends and retro looks are all accepted. My only hesitation with this style is the level of comfort involved.

Is it actually as comfortable as it looks…? Apparently so! I spent a great deal of time in vintage stores, boutiques, and retail shops searching for leather-wear, solely to discover if they were in fact soft or scratchy against the skin. Surprisingly, the insides are quite smooth. (I would however recommend shaving your legs before wearing a pair of these bad boys just as a side note!) They also have a bit of a stretch to them (which is fantastic for those of us that end up in situations like Ross Geller on FRIENDS). If you are the type of person that refuses to wear leather, that is more than OK. The synthetic leather (or faux-leather) pants look identical to the real stuff and have the same effect! This look is polished. It’s mod. It’s as fresh as can be. If worn correctly, the leather pants can take a regular t-shirt and make the ensemble high fashion instantly. Keep your eyes peeled for this trend ladies and gentlemen. I have seen dozens of people with leather legs this summer, in New York City, so I assure you that this trend will continue all year long.


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