That Hypothetical Something

It happens to the best of us: freaking out over something we know will never be ours. For example, the extremely attractive young man that sat at the table next me in the library today. That’s a hypothetical example of course. Completely. But if you know the feeling, it’s tough. It’s a rough ride. Especially when it is this ring. It belongs to my aunt who has quite the eye for a good piece of jewelry, which became apparent when she strutted into our casual family reunion in northern Wisconsin decked in David Yurman bracelets and necklaces. Needless to say or admit…I was a basket case of pure jealousy. Anyways, *I am currently embarrassed by my truthfulness* this ring is from a beautiful, little gallery in Door County, Wisconsin called The Edgewood Gallery. If you can imagine, it is a small gallery in the middle of nowhere that sells some of the most amazing (and expensive I might add) artwork I have seen. The collection ranges from paintings, to abstract dishes, to sculpture work in glass, metal, and wood. Most importantly, they have a phenomenal jewelry selection, and that my friends is where my aunt found this gorgeous piece of art. It is a large Lapis lazuli stone set in a skillfully crafted Sterling silver band that twists and turns around it. The reason I am obsessed with this ring is because it is elegant, but in a simple, non-glitzy way. It is a total statement piece, but in an understated, tarnished manner. It matches basically an accessory or garment too. What could be better? I know I have featured rings on my blog before, but ladies and gentlemen, this ring is the ring. A piece like this is worth every damn penny. So splurge for once. Treat yourself to that something you think you’ll never have instead of agonizing over it. Maybe one of these days I should just introduce myself to the cute boy who sits next to me. *clears throat and averts eyes* Hypothetically of course.


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