S.O.S! How Do I Wear High Socks?

I love high socks. You can ask my friends if you want to know how much I love them; I have many pairs that I wear way too often to be honest. I think I own six pairs? Possibly seven? Anyways, how exactly do I wear them and how high do I pull them? Well it all depends! Currently, I am wearing black tights, a floral skirt, cream sweater, oxfords, and two-tone grey knit high socks which I have pulled over my knee. In this scenario, I am keeping warm but also staying stylish. *Raising eyebrows and nodding head* On other occasions I wear them pulled to right below my knee with leggings or skinny jeans; sometimes I wear them without tights/leggings/etc and I pull them mid-thigh. And sometimes I leave them scrunched around my ankles and wear them with ankle boots or Converse! It totally depends on your comfort level, outfit, and personal style when wearing high socks. But I would definitely get a pair as winter approaches! Two great shops that sell a variety of socks are Urban Outfitters and Topshop, but I am sure you can find them just about anywhere at this point! Stay warm šŸ™‚


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