Patchwork Dancer

“Does my hair look ok? I just came from ballet.” That is how we started this mini-photo shoot. By the way, meet Mei Li! She is my cuddle buddy, gluten-free dining partner, wing-woman…basically the list is infinite. She also happens to be an amazing dancer, student, and friend. We also trade clothing. Which is great for me because I get to look like her! *finally*

To me, this outfit embodies her bubbly personality, dancer status, and colorful vibe. What I love most about this look is that it has a retro feel, but with a very modern twist. It is timeless. Ok, for those of you that don’t know where to start, I will break it down: right now, crop tops are the “it” item to wear. Mei Li chose a brown Vivienne Tam crop top for this shoot. Sidebar: the point of a crop top is to show midriff, but ladies, leave something to the imagination! Her top does just that. And it’s classy. It is mysterious and inviting and artsy. She doesn’t “do” trashy; she leaves the trash in the trash bin at the end of our hallway which does not smell too pleasant at the moment. Ok? You get it?

The skirt. This is her statement piece. This is the garment that gives the look a retro ambiance, yet the high-waisted aspect is both modern (“in”) and vintage. It fits her waist perfectly, accentuating her tiny figure and amazing shape. This skirt is so fun. It is the type of skirt that one could go swing dancing in, wear to class with thick socks and a sweater, or just wear to lounge around on an autumn day. Where does one find a piece like this? Thrift stores! Beware though…thrifting is addicting.

Lastly, her shoes are a cute twist on oxford pumps. She found this adorable pair in a Parisian boutique (I should have known such a cute pair would be from Paris), but that’s not to say one can’t find a similar pair around here! They have a little more sex appeal because they show more skin than oxfords usually do. And, they are not black. No, they’re not grey. Or brown. Or any neutral tone for that matter. Ladies and Gents, these shoes are plum.

This patchwork dancer will grace the infinite scroll of my blog from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for more of the fabulous looks she ‘patches’ together as the seasons start to change!


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