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Alright boys, it’s about time I give you a bit of attention. Here in NYC, the guys out-dress the girls. Hands down. It’s actually impressive. I kid you not, these men are stepping up their game and making sure all of us ladies know that they look good. Unfortunately, as a freshman in college, it is a bit awkward to just walk up to a random guy (and usually good looking guy because all the guys here are good looking) and ask if I can take their picture for my blog. Thankfully, my girl Mei Li has my back and did some dirty work for me. She discretely snapped these pictures of a very studious young man.

Now hold on. You see him up there. Sitting in the grass, reading a book, obviously trying to get some work done (and looking great while doing so…). But he’s not sitting around in jeans and T-shirt. There is a reason my friend took creepy pictures of him.

First thing: button down shirts = A+. They always look good. Boys, invest in a good button down.

Second: At this point, I can honestly say that the shoes you wear (gentlemen) matter. They matter so much that I am going to compare them to eyebrows. A person’s eyebrows can make or break them. This rule applies to your shoes. If you are sporting Chukka boots, Oxfords, Converse, I don’t know, just a really good pair of shoes, you’re “making” it not “breaking it”. Kapish?

Third: Bow-ties. THEY ARE AWESOME. Definitely preppy, but nevertheless, awesome. Buy one at least. Just so you have one. Any pattern, color, size; It does not matter.

See boys,…we girls do notice what you wear. Don’t assume that your hormonally charged selves are the only organisms that “check people out”. So always look your best because you have impressions to make as well….



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