Black Birthday


I decided to make an appearance again. During a study break. So the dormitory hallway lighting of Reid Hall is…well…sub-par. However, there is nothing that a little iPhoto tweaking can’t fix. So, let’s clear some stuff up first: no, I am not actually wearing this outfit while studying. Well the shoes at least. But it’s actually my birthday today so I decided to play dress up for fun. Let’s start the fashion talkin’ now!

First of all, my shoes. Okay, if you live in NYC and haven’t been to Williamsburg, Brooklyn yet, GO. I should hope you have been there at this point. But, there is this amazing thrift store, Beacon’s Closet (88 n 11th street), and I found these babies for $10. Yeah, that’s right. Surprisingly, they are super comfortable to walk in too! Don’t worry, I bought a large bottle of Lysol.

Next, the tights. Ok so technically they are supposed to be “knee-pad” tights, but since my legs are a bit shorter, the kneepad part hits me mid thigh. They’re still awesome though and provide an edgy twist to the classic black tights look.

Lastly, the dress. So a while back I received a nice gift card to Urban Outfitters. Now, I have never been a “Oh it’s my birthday so I’ll cry if I want to” kind of gal, but I really wanted to get myself something new as a little present to myself (also to reward myself for only crying three times while being here for one whole month). *awkward* But here it is. First off, it’s black. I have really taken to this color. I basically wear black every day. The cool element to this dress though is the embellishment. The sleeves have little metal “studs” that form a twisty pattern and the edging of the neckline/sleeves is “knitted”. It’s not too low-cut. It is not revealing in any way. It is fun but still hardcore black. And it can be worn with leggings, tights, probably jeans, boots, flats, basically anything.

This is the type of outfit that is made up of essential pieces.  A killer pair of shoes (that can go with any outfit), a fun pair of tights, and a LBD. Separately, each item can be mixed and matched, but together it forms a cohesive look that is nighttime-chic, city-worthy, and since we’re sticking to my rules (because it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to) (just kidding), it’s comfortable.



  1. Happy Birthday! I’m so glad you decided to celebrate, go shopping and then show us the results. Love LOVE the boots, and $10 ranks as one of the buys of the century. The whole look is super cool.

  2. Mimi Mullenax

    Happy birthday Micayla!!!! And you’re wearing my all time favorite color black. Black will forever be the new black. Great find on the shoes!!!!!

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