“Get the London Look”

Rimmel London does this catchy motto at the end of their commercials, “get the London look”, and it always pisses me off because I truly want to have a “London look” or whatever that is. Well, brought to you straight from the city itself, I have some London fashion to soothe your soul. My aunt decided to hop on a plane and head to this awesome city for a few days, and while there, she was kind enough to snap some shots of  “the London look”.


Although I am not lucky enough to call London my stomping ground (watch out though London, I get to go on a year abroad), I will pretend I am a true Brit in this post. Before I start, I am just going to clarify one thing: even though the styles in the UK and the US are similar, they automatically look 10x better because the have been spotted in London. Ok, I’m glad we’re on the same page now.

Fall has arrived, which means hats, jackets, boots, the whole deal, have been unearthed from our closets. We fashionistas are rolling out the big guns this year with fall style, and of course, London does not disappoint. The big statement this fall is the jacket you choose to wear. I cannot tell you that there is one jacket style that is the “it” look this season; I believe it is the overall effect of jacket that makes your outfit stylish.

Along with the jacket is of course the shoe. Many women (in particular, but guys…if you’re wearing heels this winter, kudos) stomp through the seasons in their heels, whether in boot form, stiletto form, wedge form, plat form (haha get it?). They never give up the opportunity to wear a nice pair of high heels. And they shouldn’t! Especially when they look like (**ARE**) the pairs featured above.

Dress your best this fall ladies and gents. The Brits know how to “get the London look”…do you?


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