The Art of Wrapping

scarfFall and Winter means cold weather. And cold weather means…scarves!! My all-time favorite accessory. Ever. I have so many, but it’s justifiable because I wear them literally every single day when the weather forecast says “50 or below” (Fahrenheit that is…). I am asked all too often how to wear a scarf, and to be honest, there isn’t a specific way to wear one! It depends on the weather, your look, your personal preference. Today for instance, I am using a very colorful pashmina as a shall, which I have wrapped around myself and  tossed over my shoulder (refer to image above). It keeps me warm and is also an alternative for a sweater!

If you decide to wear a scarf in the traditional manner, my favorite style is to wrap it around my neck as many times as possible until the scarf starts piling on top of itself, causing a heavy, voluminous effect. I love this chunky look, especially with a jacket or cozy sweater. You can also knot the scarf multiple different ways as well. Since it is hard to describe the different types of wrapping, knotting, layering, etcetera, etcetera, check out the pictures above! If there is a certain style you love love love but cannot for the life of you figure out how I styled it…email me! Comment, message, whatever. I am more than happy to help you keep warm and stylish this fall and winter.

It’s time to “wrap this up”, so until the leaves have fallen, practice knotting. By the time it is truly chilly outside, you will be ready to turn heads, keep warm, and teach your friends the art of wrapping scarves.


One comment

  1. kimmygonzales

    Cute scarf! And great tips. I usually love tying it in a knot at the bottom, but I might just try all these methods out this upcoming fall.

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