Introduction to Booting

For Article:

I understand that it has been quite a while since I have blogged. My deepest apologies to all of you that actually look forward to my sarcastic posts. Just kidding. *cough, I do hope you look forward to my posts* But in all actuality, I have been recovering from (what I like to refer to as a pain in my ass but is medically known as…) a concussion. I have been allotted “20 minutes of screen time” but for all of you I will make an exception daily, starting now! (Let’s be honest, that is impossible when Season 20 of ANTM is happening.)

My stalling technique until I have a decent amount of pictures of boots here in NYC is this introduction…BUT IT’S IMPORTANT. I am going to start down the path of booting. What exactly is “booting”? This is a question you are probably asking yourself right now. Don’t even click a new tab (yes you, the person about to click a new tab) to go to or You won’t find “booting” anywhere…it’s a term I made up to help describe this wonderful action.

Definition: boo-ti-ngh;Β The act of wearing, owning, or purchasing a fabulous, necessary, and practical pair of boots; the type/style of boot is not taken into account.

Alright, so now you have the exact definition. Why have I decided to make a big deal about the most essential pair of shoes in any person’s closet that is necessary for 3/4 of the year? *pause..wait for it…keep thinking* Yes, I just stated why (“the most essential pair of…etc). Boots are a shoe that are made for men and women, and surprisingly, many styles this season are unisex! The Chelsea Boot, Chukka Boot (Clark desert boot style), Oxfords (even though they aren’t exactly boots…).

Unfortunately, my 20 minutes of screen time has ended, joy. I hope you enjoyed this Introduction to Booting. You can find the textbook on, and if you register for Amazon Prime it will be shipped to your house in two days…Oy, this whole college thing is really getting to me.


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