These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

boots 1boots 2

So, yesterday in my intro to “booting” I mentioned practical boots. Now I know you have probably seen some men rocking, or not rocking but actually failing, the alligator skin, pointed-toe boot look, or some women walking (*wobbling*) around in stiletto boots that go above the knee and have a Cat-Woman-esque ambiance to them but…I will riddle you this: how practical are these shoes for every day use?

Answer: THEY’RE NOT. THEY NEVER WILL BE. THEY ARE SOLEY USED TO LOOK BADASS. Which is totally okay for a night out in the city when you stuff a pair of flats in your bag to change into later in the evening. (That is a good tip by the way. Keep it in mind.) OK.

That being said, I think that having a useful and comfortable pair of boots is important. Not only are boots a staple item for the fall and winter (and even spring!), but they are completely, 100% functional and practical. Many men and women stick to neutral tones such as black, a variety of browns or grays, often in leather or canvas, but I have definitely seen some amazing boots in aubergine, navy, puce, and hunter green! Fortunately for me, my hall-mates have great style and great shoes. Naturally, I have taken it upon myself to stalk them down, knock on their doors, and force them to model their boots for me. This is what I like to call “soft coercion”. It’s quite effective. Comparative Politics has taught me well.

I cannot divulge the exact specs of each boot pictured above, however…however….I can tell you where these lovely trendsetters have purchased them. (Starting from top left to top right, etc.) Happy Booting!

Dr. Martens-Dr. Martens Store in Boston

Monki Sally Chelsea Boots- (mine! eek!)

Brand Unknown– Loehmanns

Palladium *sneakers (and they look like boots!)-

Dirty Laundry– DSW

Steve Madden Boots- Nordstroms

Reiker Boots- (unfortunately this style is not currently being produced)

Steve Madden– DSW (they’re actually the same pair as seen above!)

BDG– Urban Outfitters



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