Kate Spade Upgrade

Recently I joined Columbia University’s only fashion publication, Hoot Magazine (click it!). This magazine and blog covers mainly fashion, but also cultural and lifestyle topics as well. Since we live in NYC, the magazine takes advantage of our location, culture, opportunities. (Check it out! It is quite impressive and very interesting!)

At the very first meeting for perspective fashion stylists, bloggers, designers, photographers, etcetera etcetera, I saw this fantastical work of art. The editor for the Arts and Entertainment portion of this magazine was effortlessly dangling this bag around her elbow (imagine those super classy fashionistas that are standing, waiting for a cab to take them to a showroom with their big sunglasses-yeah?). Needless to say, I was blown away. I hadn’t even seen who designed this bag before I feel in love.

For Article:

Kate Spade has such a fun aesthetic. She aims for a look that suits class and youth; always with a modern twist. Her style includes color, prints, and beautiful craftsmanship. So, after I stared at this handbag for a solid two minutes straight, and was caught staring, I approached the editor and in my own awkward (but apparently charming) fashion and complemented her on her amazing purchase. I immediately saw the  glossy “Kate Spade” label  and understood why this bag was so dynamic and unique.

I still drool over this bag. Though I do not own a bag in comparison to this one, I do have a pair of bright yellow Kate Spade “taxi” mittens and multiple Kate Spade iPhone cases that I use to express my mood daily. Her designs radiate youth, playfulness, and mystery, and I constantly find myself salivating (but not actually) over her collections. I truly need a Kate Spade upgrade because after seeing this amazing typewriter purse, nothing compares.


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  1. Mimi Mullenax

    Hi Micayla!
    I signed on for Kate Spade daily emails and love them!! They are charming works of art and so graphically inspiring.


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