Opera Occassion

isabelleI walked into the hall last night to find my hall-mate Isabelle looking unbelievably chic. On her way to the Opera. Ugh, could you be any more perfect? Of course I freaked out and had a minor heart attack which ended with me running into my room, hauling the mountain of clothing from my desk to my bed (which is only one foot away but was still quite a struggle), snatching my camera, and well, the results are above.

There are some people in this world that just sort of walk in the light? Yep, that’s Isabelle. She is so effortlessly beautiful and is probably the only person who can wear this outfit. Period. To me, she has an old soul; she loves Russian literature, wears vintage clothing, and drinks tea non-stop all day long.

This outfit embodies her classic, retro ambiance. The best part about this outfit is that it is so simple; it is only three pieces. The bold statement is her bright pink, georgette dress, spotted with mini velvet flowers, featuring a ruche velvet trim that adds a bit of bulk and definition. She adds an edge to the outfit by wearing a black blazer. Now, this is no ordinary blazer; it has structure, it has velvet accents, and it is beautifully cut. It’s a fitted jacket, in which the velvet portions serve as a silhouette that contours her body. It is as flattering as could be and adds a tiny bit of masculinity to her otherwise “girly” look. It may be hard to find these exact pieces because they are vintage and are most likely one-of-a-kind. However, you can probably do some vintage/thrift shopping to find similar items!

The last item in this amazing ensemble is her shoes. And luckily for you, these are obtainable! They are suede, tan booties from Gap, and the neutral tone “neutralizes” the brightness of her vintage dress.

This type of outfit is meant for an opera occasion. It’s too classy to be worn anywhere else, however if you’re Isabelle, you could wear it to go to the local Bubble Tea shop and turn the heads of every male in a ten mile radius. Oh wait, she already does that in sweats.


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