MOMA Moment of Inspiration

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Fashion is art. It’s that simple. I cannot tell you where specific designers gather inspiration for their collections, runway shows, and aesthetics, but I can probably infer (to the best of my abilities), that it comes from something art related- whether that is nature or architecture they see while walking (or being driven in a fancy car) to a quaint cafe in Paris.

There are many runway shows (actually, a majority of them…) that showcase couture collections featuring garments, accessories, and footwear that are, in essence, unwearable. The point of a couture show is to illuminate the skill, craftsmanship, and inspiration that was so carefully dedicated to the collection,and from watching such a show, the viewer can gain a better sense of how and why the designer was influenced and motivated to create each look.

The reason I feel the need to explain this correlation between art and fashion is because I went to The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) yesterday (and I am feeling extremely inspired). If I were to be a fashion designer, this is where I would spend a great deal of time finding inspiration. The MOMA not only exhibits classical art and sculpture, but it has an amazing collection of modern art, photography, sculpture, film, and architecture exhibits. Based on the wide variety of options this museum offers, there is something for everyone; it is the perfect place to open your mind.

Unfortunately, I have had a stressful week. Nothing in particular has made me crazy, but all the little things in life just exploded at once (kind of like the mountain range that is currently covering my face). Just kidding. But, on a brighter note, I visited the MOMA to take my mind off of school, neck problems, how much I miss my cat, and the fact that I ate an entire box of chocolates in under 24 hours. The minute I stepped inside the MOMA, my mind cleared. I was immediately inspired and well, I hope you are too.


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