S.O.S! Tight Fright

Halloween is just around the corner…and you know what that means…no actually I don’t know what that means. I just thought it sounded good. I guess halloween is the connection between tights and being frightened? Ergo, tight fright. Or maybe tight fright refers to the fact that I have a serious problem with ruining every pair of tights I own. Yes, including the *brand new* pair I bought yesterday. But alright, down to business.

Tights are a fantastic invention. To clarify, they do not actually keep you warm in the winter, but anything is better than bare legs against frost-biting winds. If you are a tights gal or guy, it is absolutely essential…ok if you only own one pair of tights, they must be black. Black tights go with any outfit. It doesn’t matter if it is a pop-art dress, wool shorts (ok, just as a personal favor, please let’s try to put the shorts/tights fad on a decline), or floor length skirt with thigh-high slits; black tights will look completely natural, effortless, and great with any of these options.

Now, with my neutral palette preference, I like to keep a few pairs of *raising eyebrows and shimmying a little bit* “sexy”, ok just kidding, but “fun” tights. I have faux suspender tights, knee-pad tights, an artsy pair of fishnets from Urban Outfitters which have sporadic holes in them (mostly near the crotch region because I constantly try to pull them up and end up ripping them).  I also have red tights, green tights (which make me look like peter pan), and an awesome pair of tights that have a winter forest on them and make me look like an alien. All of these styles look great with a simple black dress; I would stay away from crazy colors and patterns when wearing a busy pair of tights. Why? Because the tights are the statement! Don’t rain on their parade!

As a side note, tights and high socks….always a good combination. Don’t fret ladies and gents! I promise your tight fright will go away, just as long as you take some deep breaths, avoid an apparently terrifying haunted house in St. Paul, MN (refer to my sister for more information), and try your very hardest to keep from ruining every. single. pair. of tights in your underwear drawer.


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