Street Style


A big part of my “job” here is to be creepy. It’s fun and not surprisingly… I have turned out to be a fantastic creeper. In a professional sense of course.  Am I discrete? *clears throat* No. But once I tell people (if they catch me taking pictures of them) that it’s for a fashion blog, they immediately become interested and less unsettled by my antics. So that’s a good thing.

Basically, this post is a compilation of my stalking. Sometimes I walk a couple blocks further than needed to get these pictures; sometimes I linger a moment too long; and sometimes I just give up what little dignity I have left and go for it. I have found that snapping pictures of random passerby’s on the street highlight the styles that are trending now. Because I am a student, I am somewhat stuck in this university bubble, and this globular entity (though it is diverse) lacks an effective spectrum of fashion.

Since I cannot give you the specs of these pieces, you will have to do your own hunting in your respective residential areas to find such items. However, I hope that these snapshots help you visualize the the types of ensembles I see here: from sitting-on-my-couch-with-my-cat to night-on-the-town-with-my-crush. I have spotted these looks on subways, in coffee shops, at restaurants, and on the street. Fashion is unlimited, and of course this post portrays about 0.000000026% of the fashion that can be found in this city, in this country, and all over the world. So, from my creepiness (which has probably hindered me from being asked on dates) to you, 2photo 7



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