Revolution of the Pants

leggingsTickle me pink! Or Union Jack…or floral…or wait, what? Don’t worry, this play on words has a purpose. I am referring to the types of leggings and pants that are appearing all over the fashion scene. Remember when paisley was a big deal? Neither do I, and that’s because more dynamic patterns staged a coup d’etat.

Honestly, this fashion revolution was necessary. Prints and patterns are a crucial element in fashion, so the branching-out of print location is quite refreshing. Many men and women are wearing intricately designed leggings, tights, and jeans, and even more surprisingly, I have not seen the same prints over and over again! Thank heavens because looking at tribal prints day in and day out has become difficult on my eyes.

Not only am I seeing prints up the wazoo, but I am noticing color and fabric choice too. It seems weird to wear brightly colored rainforest pants or galaxy-inspired leggings, but if worn with a simple, neutral shirt and boots, it actually looks quite chic and makes a statement. Who needs accessories when one of the main garments covering the entire lower half of your body is the statement piece? (That is a piece of advice right there! There is no need to over-accessorize when wearing bold bottoms.)

Try a new fabric such as Nylon which adds a shiny, upgraded effect. Or give faux-leather, swirls, or any print a chance. These New York City dwellers (above) know how to rock the bold pants with confidence and class, and I’m sure you can too!

People, a new fashion empire is emerging, and boy oh boy will it conquer the world. This revamped style is gradually taking over, so don’t get lost in chaos! Keep your head clear, your eyes open, and be ready to revolt. It’s time to embrace “out with the old and in with the new”, so wear your cat-print pants and your zig-zag leggings and just know that there is not a soul stopping you.

See you all on the streets! (Wearing prints of course.)


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