S.O.S! Showing Skin

Four years ago, I buzzed off all my hair. I went through an identity crisis in the following months and struggled with my femininity. How did I deal with this? I wore low cut shirts and large earrings. Well, my uncle came to me one night at a dinner and bluntly emphasized the fact that my boobs were hanging out. I was mortified and realized that there was absolutely no reason for me to be wearing a t-shirt as low cut as it was. All it did was make me look insecure. When I finally jumped the barrier of lost femininity, I felt fantastic.

Now,  my train of thought every time I decided to go out is: Legs? Back? Arms? Cleavage? Lower Back? All? None? Huh? As a woman, it has become extremely important for me to keep most of my body to the imagination when dealing with hormonal, college boys. For three main reasons: One-it makes me seem a little more mysterious, two-it is classier, three-it keeps people from getting the wrong idea. I don’t want people judging me based on the length of clothing I wear, how much I am wearing, or if I’m not wearing anything at all (and if you live on my hall you’ll know that I never wear clothing; it’s a big deal when I emerge from my room fully clothed).

Anyways, here’s the deal. When wearing a “sexy” outfit ladies, you have to make a big choice. Are you going to show off your legs in a mini skirt? Show off the twins (tastefully of course) in a low cut top? Or show off your back with a scooped back top/dress? All three is way too much skin so how do you choose?

Depending on the event, choose an outfit that will show off your favorite features. For example, if you’re proud of your perky girls, maybe *tastefully* show them off in a sweetheart neckline, simple v-neck, or scoop neck. Nothing too inappropriate but still sexy. If you have killer legs, cover the upper portion of your body to draw attention to those gorgeous gams. If you’ve got a toned back, wear a high cut dress with a low back! You might find that showing off a smaller portion of skin will make your self-esteem rocket sky-high. Why is this? Because you know you’ll be turning the heads of all those hormonally challenged college lads not because your breasts are hangin’ out there or your skirt miraculously stretches below your buttocks, but because you are in fact a stunning individual.

I promise this tip is accurate. Showing skin is tricky business, but if done correctly, you will 100% catch the attention of men and women for looking elegant, mystical, and mature. It’s embarrassing to be told you look insecure, so instead of putting yourself in that position, avoid it completely! It’s a tough decision, but take the extra minute to choose. You won’t regret it.


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