A “Messenge(r)” For You

For Article:

The one item that many men and women have in common is a good bag. Obviously the styles differ between the two (in a stereotypical sense): women cary clutches, totes, and wristlets while men sport briefcases, backpacks, or what I like to call “murses” (male-purses).

Now, I have given myself the right to deem the messenger bag as unisex (though it comes in masculine and feminine styles) and a “must-have”. I have seen both men and women carrying all their belongings (which in my case is a variety of chapsticks, wintergreen Orbit, honey which I have stolen from Columbia’s dining hall, my laptop, earphones, two yellow highlighters, my camera which I use for creeping, and a copy of The Canterbury Tales which I have neglected to read thus far) in this bag, and it looks perfect on each and every person.

How can one type of bag look good on every person? Let me enlighten you:

1. It is an exceptionally functional bag.

2. It looks comfortable, natural, and studious (or determined/you are doing something productive with your life).

3. Since it is a crossbody bag, it can be worn at various heights; each person can customize the length at which he/he wears it.

4. It’s a messenger bag, it’s hip. End of discussion.

If you have internally decided, “The messenger bag is for me. I will forever be a hip individual,” you now have another hurdle to jump. What type of messenger bag will you purchase? Small crossbody? Satchel? Full on messenger with laptop insert? You can choose leather, mesh, canvas, or a sturdier material such as “Gortex” (which is waterproof woo hoo)!   What about color? Black? Brown? Hot pink? Tan? Blue? Sorry for the headache I just gave you.

But, since I am not an all-knowing, all-seeing individual (my mother is though and I’m unsure if that is scary or impressive-usually the latter) (honestly how does she know when I’m spending unnecessary money), I cannot look down upon each and every one of you in your quest upon the path to “hip”. So, for your convenience, here are some of my favorite websites/companies which manufacture reliable and all-around-awesome bags (click the names-those are the links). Check them out, grudgingly take your wallet out of your back pocket, go ahead, curse the day I started this blog or was born for that matter, and please feel extremely guilty that you just spent money on a forever hip and functional bag. One day you’ll thank me.

Brooklyn Industries


Far Horizon Traders


Herschel Supply Co.


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