For Suits’ Sake

Giorgio Armani: Runway - Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2013

I just watched one of those tour buses slowly move through a stoplight. It’s bad enough that there are people sitting in the chilly winds atop a bus that screams “make fun of me!”, (which we all do) but to top it off, the bus strolled, no no literally inched, through the light while real New Yorkers yelled and honked. Anyways, this bus was a massive, rolling advertisement for Express, and I guess the marketers for that company knew what they were doing because it caught my eye. Actually, it was the extremely handsome male model wearing a suit plastered to the side of that bus that caught my attention.

So gentlemen, I did not forget about you! Let’s discuss suits, shall we?

Ahh. A good suit. It does not matter what you look like guys, if you’re wearing a well-tailored suit you are good to go. But see how I mentioned well-tailored? Yeah, that’s the key part to this theory of mine. If it fits you well, meaning, it hugs the parts of you (yes all of them..awkward) that a woman or man finds attractive…then you have done it right. For example, if you have nice pectoral muscles, wear a tighter fitting blazer/shirt combination so that people can see you spend way too much time at the gym. Or if you have a nice rear end, for gods sake wear fitted pants so we can all see your nice butt.

Now, here are some helpful clues when buying such a suit:
1. Grey and navy are the “in” colors for men’s suiting this season. A full navy ensemble is a fantastic replacement for black, and if you want to add a little somethin’ somethin’, go for a textured grey blazer (tweed is always good).
2. Fitted pants: make sure they’re not too tight where we can all see exactly how *clears throat* well-endowed (or not) you are.
3. An ankle-cut style is good for those of you men with longer, thinner legs.
4. Black on black with a skinny tie is super sexy and classy.
5. Try a skinny-fit suit or tux in blue, checkered, hunter green, or grey flannel. Add a bow tie!

Happy suiting boys! Once you’ve found your perfect suit, feel free to contact me (wink wink).


Since I did not personally take these pictures (which I do for all my posts), I felt the need to place the links here. Don’t mind them.



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