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This post is a bit different from my usual post, in which I feature and emphasize “the every day person”. This post covers a photo-shoot that happened last night. Wait what? Oh yeah, that’s right. The Hoot Magazine menswear team set out yesterday at 4:00 pm (after extensive steaming, hair-gelling, and undressing/redressing) to capture some aesthetically classic shots of two very beautiful men. (They were super nice too, just to make matters even better.) Okay, I am going to give you the concept, execution, experience, and some mid-shoot shots (above). And if you keep your eyes open in the next few days, you may even see some final results.

1. The Concept: Our goal was to capture a young, classically-styled man living in New York City. By classic I am hinting at a timeless, sophisticated look that has trumped men’s style through the ages. Though there is a prominent emphasis on suits when referring to “classic”, we specifically styled this shoot with a modern twist. Rather than completely disregarding the newer, fresher style that is sprouting up all over the world, we embraced it. Nowadays, it is all about the statement blazers, bow ties, cowl neck sweaters, turtlenecks, and sleek, tailored pants (which you will see later in the final pictures).

We stayed within a neutral-tone palette simply because the city offers backgrounds that complement whites, grays and black. However, the city also offers a multicolored, nighttime backdrop, bustling with tourists, vendors and taxi cabs. The point of a photo-shoot spread is to convey a story about the models and the garments. From my perspective, this spread tells the story of two 20-something men who are experiencing NYC on their own terms. The juxtaposition of business attire during the day, casual wear while navigating the underground subway world, and modern suiting at night gives the viewer a full sense of how this city affects male style.

2. The Execution: We set out at 4:00 pm, traveled to Times Square and used our surroundings to the fullest. We took advantage of Bryant Park, the library steps, an eerie subway station tunnel (where we had some interesting photo-bombers), and a Friday night in the center of NYC itself. Our team included seven people: the director, the photographer, two models, and three stylists. Needless to say, we were all pretty worn out at the end of the haul.

3. The Experience: Twas darn fun. I was surprised (but it was expected surprise) at how much effort and planning goes into a photo-shoot. Not only do you have to begin months in advance, but you work your butt off all the way until the last shot of the day. From brainstorming aesthetics, designers, settings, samples, times, etc., to embarking on the shoot itself, it is completely necessary to commit 100%.

I genuinely had a fantastic time on this photo-shoot. I’m not going to lie…carrying around large black sample bags from Surface To Air, Bureau V, Topman, and American Apparel felt pretty cool. We did get a couple of onlookers who seemed insanely interested in our antics too.

4. The Conclusion: The magazine will be printed within the next weeks, and once it is out, I will make sure to post a link to the final spread that can be viewed online! For now, take a look at Hoot Magazine and the blog!



  1. Very cool photo shoot…my favorite shot is the two guys in the subway, one leaning on the other. Nice sharp angles of the two bodies agains the very soft curves of the train station.

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