Parov Stelar Inspiration on Color Coordination

I am feeling especially inspired because Parov Stelar has been playing on my Spotify for the last hour and half and his music is extremely thought-provoking. So, now that you are aware of my inspiration, let’s talk about color coordination. Shall we begin?


Some people take color coordination too far. And some people have no sense of color coordination at all. I’m not sure which is worse…Coordinating the colors in your ensemble is tricky business and it walks a very thin line. One wrong color and the whole outfit is a wreck.

“So Micayla,” you ask, “how do I know when I have gone too far in my coordination? Or haven’t paid attention to color at all?” Below are tips to help you answer your question!

1.  Start with a single color for the most important garment in your outfit (such as a dress, skirt, suit, or jacket). Once you have decided on the main color in your ensemble, you can build the full look around it. That is the “base color”.

2. You have your base color. Now, think of one or two (MAXIMUM) colors that complement that foundation color. For example, if I choose to wear an orange dress, I might choose to accent that statement color with black and turquoise. No more than that.

3. Never choose accenting colors that are too similar to the base color. If we continue with the orange dress example, don’t even think about using pink, yellow, red, or any other warm color for that matter. Use cool colors such as blues, purples and greens and neutrals palettes as well.

4. Too much color is overwhelming; if I were to wear a salmon dress, and I wanted a belt, necklace, and scarf to complete the outfit, I would probably wear a colorful necklace and then limit the other accessories to black (or another neutral color).

5. Using a neutral color as your base color gives you greater play space. If I were to wear a black dress, I have the option to wear a colorful scarf, jewelry, shoes, makeup, etc. Yeah?

6. Be conscious of your color choices. When accenting an outfit, stay within a similar color family; As a real-life example, I wore a black dress (something new and different) yesterday. I threw on a crimson sweater, burn orange scarf, faded gold jewelry, and leather boots (that have a reddish hue). See how all of these colors are within the same realm of color, but are obviously different?

7. Men, this applies to you as well, if you’re wearing a black suit (navy or grey as well), you can play around with the color and eccentricity of your tie, pocket square, shirt pattern, etc.

8. I am not telling you to dress like me by any means. I happen to like neutral colors, but as long as you remain aware of the amount of color you put into an outfit, you are good-to-go!


It’s very important to be color-consciensous when matching your outfit. Making it too “matchy-matchy” looks obvious and forced. Keep color subtle. Don’t be afraid to just keep it simple. Nobody ever said it was necessary to have an art shop explode all over you. I went through that phase and it was rough.

Until next time color coordinators!


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