S.O.S! Bare-Legged Winter

Today I saw a young woman wearing a very short white dress and converse. And a winter jacket. That was all – no tights, socks, or leggings. Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s approximately 40 degrees outside. Naturally I thought, “Brave soul, why exactly are you bare-legged in November? We live in NYC, not Hawaii.”

Let me be quite plain…there is absolutely, absolutely, no reason to be bare-legged during the winter unless you’re going out to a club and are taking a cab from your door to the door of the club itself. And to be honest, if I spot you wearing shorts in the winter, there isn’t even an excuse because you knowingly pulled on shorts during a month that is known for being cold.

So, here is what to do (and remember!) if you want to wear shorter bottoms during the cold months:

*Wear tights, high socks, or leggings underneath! Not that tights actually help, but they are at least associated with cold weather.

*Be realistic. November, December, January, February, and possibly March are not going to be warm. End of discussion.

*Remember: people will give you weird glances if they see you wearing shorts or skirts/dresses without one of the three articles of clothing listed above. So even if you think it’s a fashion statement, it’s not. Sorry to break it to ya.

*You will increase your chances of getting sick! Or getting goosebumps! Or shivering until your bones are frozen. So please, for your own sake, dress in a smart manner this winter!

There is an insane number of ways to look fashionable without freezing your behind off. If fact, I am willing to argue that some of the best style is seen in the winter! You get to debut your jeans, leather leggings, thick high socks, patterned tights, chords, scarves, sweaters (cardigans, pull-overs, knits, cashmere), jackets, hats,…this list literally could go on forever. It’s time to friend-zone summer and leave the bare legs for our long distance relationship with spring. A new flirtation with winter has formed, so keep it up! Kapish?


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