Street Style II


The time has come yet again, to showcase my successful progression in the world of being a total creep. I might even go as far as to say that I have outdone myself. My comfort level of taking stalker pictures is astronomically high, which can only mean one thing…somebody will catch me taking a picture and it will be awkward.

However, from my creeping, I have discovered many things. I have found that people do not care whether the weather is -45 degrees or 100+, flats will be worn daily. I have found that although brightly colored pants are associated with summer, the college boys around here don’t give a flying duck. I see lilac, yellow, salmon, pink…ok basically take any feminine color and the Columbia boys will be in that color. But hey, it makes walking around campus cheery and enjoyable! I have found that, wait hey, that’s me up there on my cell phone, flaunting my denim shirt. They are the thing right now.

Here are some of the important fashion “ins” I have discovered recently; I sure love them and you might just love them too:

1. Some patterns: Plaid, Tartan, Herringbone, and Houndstooth

2. Capes and shawl wraps are big big big.

3. Black knee-high boots with dual-toned texture (i.e. elastic and leather).

4. Army surplus jackets (those army green jackets sometimes seen with a fur-trimmed hood, ties in the back, etc)

5. Chukka boots and combat boots (mostly for men)

6. Scarves. Scarves.Scarves. For men and women. For everyone.

8. Double breasted jackets too. In grey, navy, and black specifically.

9. Statement necklaces

10. Hats of all sorts: beanies, snapbacks, warm winter hats, sun hats; you name it, it’s being worn.


Obviously there are many more items trumping the style charts, but during this transition, New Yorkers are sporting these garments/shoes left and right, and I’m sure many people all over the world have jumped on the fashion express too. Time to buckle down or button up, which every you fancy more, and hop on the 1 train Uptown where you can find me sitting at Joe, drinking extremely strong coffee, and blogging my way through the cold weather. 

Have a lovely Monday everyone (and remember, if the cold weather is getting you down, there is nothing better than going on a date. And I love going on dates. Feel free to buy me coffee.)!


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