Winter’s Bird Nest

It snowed this morning. So obviously *in a sassy, nasally tone* I have to blog about one of the most important cold-weather items: the hat. Hands down this is the most necessary accessory for winter. I don’t know about you, but my ears get beet red and cold the minute I step outside during the winter time and there is no such thing as a pocket to put your head in when it gets cold! But, like everything else in life, there are positive and negative aspects to wearing hats. And I am here to help you sort out which are the pros, which are the cons, and which fall into the category of “Gosh darn, what now!?”

Pros: They keep your head and ears nice and toasty! Hats can look extremely chic (if you choose the right one of course). They are a fantastic accessory for a wintery ensemble and they usually coordinate with outfits well! If you are having a miserable hair day…do not fear, hats are here! You can cover up a bad case of bird’s nest by just pulling a hat over that mess of a nest. And voilà, bad hair day no more.

Cons: If you’re going for a voluminous hairstyle, well, hats flatten hair. You will essentially have “hat hair” which looks completely and utterly ridiculous. So if a hat is part of your look, you may have to keep it on all. day. long. In the winter months, the air tends to be dryer; hats contribute to the inevitable static factor of winter. You know those static electricity machine at kids’ science museums? Yep, basically, hats are that, but on a smaller scale: taking off a hat on a winter day is the equivalent to putting your hand on one of those machines. Your hair sticks out every which way.

But sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and decide: “Would I rather get frost bite on my delicate, little ears or have static-y, hat hair for my date?

“Gosh darn, what now?!!”: Ha.*hurmphing* Bummer. Honestly neither have a good outcome. That’s why hats are so unbelievably controversial in the fashion world. They can be super stylish…if you decide to wear one all day. Or they can be a pick-and-choose item, in which you must pick and choose when to wear it and for hong long you will wear it.

Honestly, I just wait for the days when I wake up with a squirrel nest on top of my head to wear a hat all day. Which, for you information, is every day. Now you understand why I love hats so darn much. Happy Winter!


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