Too Many Layers?

logo-michelinWelcome to winter! Or not…since yesterday’s weather reached a nice 59 degree mark, but today we’re back down to 45. Who knows. It’s winter; I declare it so. Anyways ladies and gents, I’m here to guide you through the awkward stage of layering. It’s like we’re all in middle school again! Loved those awkward years. I mean I truly thought my Barbie brand reading glasses were stylish.

Basically, layer is “iffy”. There is no such thing as “under-layering” because let’s be honest, I wear sweaters with nothing underneath all the time. But there unfortunately is a thing as “over-layering”, and it’s awful. The needle-thin, fine line between layering appropriately and just overdoing it is crossed all too often, and I am here to stop that.

How do you know if you’re over-layering? If you have more than THREE layers on, take it all off and start over. Three is the absolute maximum because if you’re layering, it means you live in a cold climate. Which means you should definitely have a jacket of some sort and therefore don’t need any more than three layers.

The layers should be:

1. Undershirt (whether this is a tank top, t-shirt, or long sleeve shirt)

2. Light sweater/sweatshirt

3. Heavier sweater/sweatshirt/jacket

That. Is. It. That should suffice. The outcome of layering too much? You end up looking like the Michelin Tire logo (above) and that my friends is quite unfortunate. Please avoid that? Honestly, I’m just trying to help you through an awkward stage (we all know those are rough times), and I only wish I had someone to inform me that my 5th grade glasses choice was just horrendous…Oh wait, my mother did that in front of my 9th grade boyfriend. Love you mom. Apparently the awkward years didn’t end in middle school for me.

Happy layering everyone!



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