Navy Silhouette

Sometimes, the very best way to pick yourself up when you’re down is to get all gussied up. Unearth those dusty wedges from your “summer shoe” box, find a pair of stockings without runs, squeeze into a tight dress, and look at yourself in the mirror and say, “*whistling cat-call*, I look darn good tonight.”

On that note, I went to a formal dance last night, which ended up being not-so-formal because everybody was just going absolutely bananas. However, the attire was formal, and honestly, the best part about the entire affair was getting ready.

A couple things to keep in mind:

When choosing an outfit for a fancier event, think about your body shape! There is nothing sexier than a classy dress that contours your silhouette. And I swear ladies, I am not joking. It’s mysterious. Kind of “oh look that’s sexy,” but “wow she’s covered up; I wonder what’s under that super classy dress,” (probably Spanx let’s be honest). That’s why I love love love this navy French Connection dress. Not only does it have pockets for awkward moments, but it accents my hourglass figure. It also features an amazing neckline that shows off my collar bones and a tiny amount of cleavage. However, since I decided to show skin on the upper portion of my body, I covered up my legs with tights. This is how I kept this look classy but still sexy. (Refer to my rules of showing skin if need be!)

The shoes are strappy, open wedges, however it is winter, so the black tights gave it a wintery feel.  Also, I love the blue-brown combination; it feels natural and chic to me. (But, be careful with black and brown! My outfit worked because the brown wedges were a light enough color to contrast well with black tights.) And it adds a tiny amount of color to my otherwise dark outfit. Accessory-wise, I kept it super simple. You don’t always have to bedazzle your body for fancy events. I chose small drop earrings; no bracelets or necklaces. I wanted onlookers to be attracted to the shape of my body and the perfect fit of my dress.

What I like about this outfit is the simplicity. Of course, classic Micayla. But I think it is important to keep in mind these two things: “what is the event?” and “how do I keep it sexy and classy at the same time?” If you think about those two questions before getting ready, I assure you that you will find the perfect balance.

Au revoir! (French Connection…get it?) Till’ next time!



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