The New Expressionism

I was recently asked, “Why do you write a blog?” And well, it took a moment to think about the answer because honestly, I write to express myself. Yeah? Yeah, I do. And then I thought, expression. This is an outlet for me to express myself and to share my passion with all of you! And…if you’re not the most fashionable person, you can learn a little something from my self-depricating, hormonally charged, angsty fashionista, self expression.

I guess my point is that fashion is/has become such a prominent form of expression. It always has been, but for me, fashion and fashion journalism has become my stress reliever, fun zone, and friend. While others are out there promoting our constitutional right to “freedom of press”, I am here, sitting in my dormitory bed, listening to “feel good” songs with my roommate Meghan, promoting “freedom of dress”.  And I should be because honestly, some people need that information desperately. And others need to be reassured that their personal look is A-OK.

The key point I am making is that style is completely personal. Fashion is not contained to any one realm. The quantity of items out there that make “fashion” is massive and infinite. And no, you do not need to have heaps of money to have a sense of style. Because, like I said, it’s personal. So keep that in perspective. If you can walk out the door in the morning, wearing an outfit that has a little bounce, a little jazz, then darlin’, you’ve got something stylish going on, and keep doing it.

Ok, my chipper mood is about to dwindle for I have research papers calling my name. However, keep this new expressionism in mind; it might just change your perspective.


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