A while back, I shimmied (more like jumped, stuffed, or wiggled) my way into a pair of colorful jeans. They were a waxy, greyish-purple color, and seemed to be a bit stiff. The minute I felt the stiffness, I was out. Done. I guess I tried this style a little too early….mistake #1 because…Trend in the spotlight: coated jeans.

These. Are. The. Thing. Not only are they an amazing alternative to leather pants, or faux-leather pants for that matter, but they are colorful too! (Obviously there is such a thing as colored leather, but let’s be honest here, if you are even so much as wearing leather pants, do NOT go overboard and wear colorful leather pants. That is overkill my friends.) This style is HOT; why? Simply because they bring a little somethin’ somethin’ to the table. Forget the black jeans, dark wash, or faux-leather…coated is in.

Let me break it down: they are essentially a pair of colorful jeans (usually in a muted hue), coated in a waxy top layer that emits a synthetic, texturized effect. Unlike leather or nylon pants/leggings, these jeans are not shiny; they are matte to an extent. Stiffness aside (because let’s be honest, they probably aren’t that stiff; I’m just a comfort freak), these jeans revamp any outfit. But keep it simple ladies and gents! Try a single-tone sweater, a pair of these jeans, and black boots. Or what about a black shirt, coated jeans, and heels?

Coated jeans are statement pants so make them the only statement. They wouldn’t be a trend in the spotlight if they were dull.

Keep it coated and classy. Happy holidays!



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