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Meet Elizabeth (Eliza), The BYU Beauty Guru, my beauty go-to, make-up guru, and best friend. She introduced me to eyeshadow primer, informed me of the difference between bronzer and blush, and spends a good hour at the M.A.C counter deciding which brown-hued eyeshadow to buy. So, to kick off my beauty debut, she is going to give you the down low on make-up myths, budget buys, and how to wear foundation correctly. Ready?

What are the top 5 most essential (make-up) products a girl should own?

  1. Blush. Personally M.A.C or Nars are the best in terms of quality. Since I’m on a budget, I love Maybelline “Fit Me” ($5.59).
  2. Foundation.  It really depends on your style though. I happen to have combination skin that is oily and acne prone, so I listen to my dermatologist’s suggestion: find something that is oil free and not too thick. I use Revlon because it is less expensive, but I know you (Micayla) use Clinique which you love.
  3. Mascara. You should have two separate types: a volumizing mascara and a lengthening mascara. I use the volumizing first and then the lengthening second because it gets rid of clumps that volumizing mascara produces. Some good volumizing products: L’oreal Power Volume 24 Hours ($7.95) or Maybelline Colossal; good lengthening products are Maybelline Falsies or L’oreal Million Lashes ($7.19). IMG_4769
  4. Depending on your style: Eyeliner for edgy girls; Bronzer for glowy girls.
  5. Lipstick.  You should have two types: a statement color such as peach for the summer, a bold red, or an autumn plum, and a neutrally colored lip tone. If you’re looking for a high end lip product, M.A.C has amazing lipsticks, but if you’re on a budge, Revlon is your go-to.
  6. I need to add a 6th essential product: Concealer. If you’re acne-prone, this is your best friend. Neutrogena has great concealers for budget buying. However if you have the money, Clé de Peau is the brand to top all brands in the concealer world.

Any favorite brands?

Can you tell me about foundation?


Primer is necessary! Oh my gosh, if people tell you it isn’t…don’t listen to them. I am a firm believer in primer. Also, if you have oily skin, always use a powder after using a liquid foundation because it helps to reduce the shininess and oiliness of a liquid based product. If you don’t have a face primer, no worries! Just use a little sunscreen! It has the same effect. As for bb creams, these are great if you’re looking for something with light coverage. If you just want to even out your skin tone, skip the whole foundation mess and go for a bb cream or tinted moisturizer.

Okay, eye-shadow. Help? Also tell me how you do your eyes?

If you have brown eyes, you’re lucky. They are much more versatile than blue or green eyes. You can kind of just do anything with them! But, I suggest to sticking to neutral colors when doing eyeshadow/eyeliner. It’s pretty rare for people to pull of brightly colored eye shadow, so they tend to stay in their comfort zone.

Eliza’s eye routine: I use Covergirl “champagne” eye shadow on my brow bone, M.A.C “all that glitters” all over my lid,  and then I mix M.A.C “woodwinks” and M.A.C “Twinx” to get a nice, soft brown.IMG_4778

Are there any necessary brushes for eyeshadow, foundation, powder, etc.?

*Laughing* I only own two brushes girl. Who needs them? I like using my fingers for eyeshadow because it’s less messy and blends the colors 10x better than a brush ever would. I do have one brush that I use for my blush and one I use for my bronzer and powder, but even then I end up using my hands to mix it all in. Let’s be real, brushes aren’t actually necessary.

Any trending make-up looks?

The red lip, obviously. But that will always be in. And people will always try to perfect this look. Oh! The “no make-up look” is huge (trying to look as natural as possible while still wearing make-up). Yeah, that’s a big one. Filling in eyebrows, or rather, having defined eyebrows is a big beauty “in” at the moment (references Cara Delevingne). I know that illuminating the contours of the face is a must, but recently highlighters are huge. I like to put it on my brown bone, cheekbones, and nose to help define those features.

You go to a school where make-up is a big deal. Which looks are trashy and which are classy?

*Whispers under her breath* I probably should say this but I’ve never seen a bad make-up job at BYU. Okay, so I’ve seen one thing that makes me cringe a little…overdoing foundation. The cake is obvious and it’s just uncomfortable.

Any make-up taboos/myths you want to bust?

The biggest taboo EVER is that high end mascara is better than drugstore mascara. To be clear, many of the drugstore brands are made at the same companies as high end brands! L’oreal and Lancolm…SAME THING. High end mascaras are not worth your money. And I think on a general note, just because a product is high end, doesn’t mean that it’s good. You need to try out which brands work for you!

Make-up “no no’s”?

Okay, matching your eyeshadow color to your outfit. I mean what. Come on. Also, caking on the foundation. I mean you do learn through make-up mistakes I guess. For example, I used to buy foundation a couple shades darker than my skin tone and would always have the awful foundation line on my jaw line! But don’t worry, that has all calmed down now. 

So, how do you keep your look natural?

Honestly, it’s not about what you don’t wear, it’s about what you skip. Skipping eyeliner lightens up your eyes, lightening eyeshadow colors, and replacing bronzer with blush all helps make a more natural look. IMG_4785

Some websites that carry these brands:

Photo Credit: (Top photo) Katelyn Grace Strobel, photos of makeup (me)


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