Blue & Brown

Versace 2010It’s winter. And it’s time for some new color combinations besides black and black. The reason I bring this up is because it’s currently -17 degrees in Milwaukee, and I have nothing better to do but think about winter, being cold, and Sherlock.

So, if you’re wondering, which I know you are if you’re reading this post…my current favorite color combo? Blue and brown. It’s absolutely perfect. Not only does it stay within the realm of “neutral colors” but it also breaks that barrier in high fashion, sophisticated way. This mixture of earthy tones allows generous color, but maintains a neutral effect all the way through. Furthermore, you can wear any shade of blue with any shade of brown and it will always look good; it can be a summer look, such as paring a light denim skirt with a brown shirt, or a winter ensemble as shown above from the Versace F/W 2010 show.

Keep this combination in mind because it’s a big deal and could be a great alternative for your next business meeting, family gathering, or coffee date.

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