Color Me Nude

Seven days ago, the new year started. This is a marker for new juice diets, gym routines, hair cuts, and relationships. However, the fashion world doesn’t start on January 1st; it runs on a fall/winter, spring/summer schedule, and so does the world of beauty.

Naturally, January is an awkward month for beauty. It closes the the fall/winter trends and is the opening act for all of the gorgeous spring/summer looks. So, brought to you by Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and yours truly, here are the top beauty trends from fall/winter 2013 and spring/summer 2014. The great thing about these specific trends is that many of them overlap and stay in style throughout the seasons.

Cat eyesStarting with fall/winter 2013, the forerunning trend? Cat-eyes. Though this trend has been around forever, it is the eyeliner look being rocked this season on runways, sidewalks, and in class. And if you haven’t had your fill of this style yet, don’t you worry. It’s destined to be a spring trend as well.

Next up? Eyeshadow. The fall offered up orangey hues, lightly brushed over models’ eyelids, prune colored shadow, and a variety of dusty grays that highlighted brow bones. These specific colors all happen to be wintery hues, so don’t expect to see these shades in the spring! However, what you can expect to see this season and next…gilded lids. This bold glitter style, sometimes topped with actual glitter itself for a metallic effect, is huge. hbz-fw13-makeup-trend-prune-eyes-Gucci-clp-A-RF13-9826-lgn

Fall highlighted the mouth as well this season with wine-colored lips and textured red lips against pale skin.

The spring/summer 2014 beauty trends are quite the opposite. While the fall focuses on bolder eyes, darker lips, and dusted eyeshadow in unexpected colors, the spring is all about glowy skin, slight pops of color, and nudity.

The biggest trend this spring is nude make-up. The “natural” look is this spring’s biggest beauty trend; including glowy (dewy) skin, light eyes, and bare lips. Nails are kept simple featuring clear coats and sheer colors.

07-spring-makeup-h724Expected eye trends include angel-esque white eyeshadow and liner, bold blue eyeshadow dusted from lash line to lid crease, and thicker, more defined eyebrows. As inspired by spring itself, where flowers bloom and the grass grows bright green, adding a little pop of green to your eyes is a fun way to spice up a nude look.

What’s in store for lips? Dark colors are out and light tones are in. Berry lips replace wine-colored ones, and surprisingly enough, orange lips are the new pink lips. This subtle change adds an unexpected color to the normal peachy tones of spring.

Lastly, you can’t have a complete beauty report without hair styles. Ladies, pixie cuts are the hair trend this spring. Not only are they ultra-chic, but they are extremely functional. Think about it, you never have to deal with stray hairs, snapping hair bands, and humidity induced frizz! And if you really want to lighten up your spring, platinum blonde with naturally darker roots happens to be the color combination of the upcoming season.hbz-14for14-10-orange-karlie-kloss-lg

Like I said, January is a transitioning period, so you might as well get your fill of wine lips, gray eyes, and glitter before the spring colors us nude, boldly blues our eyes, and adds a touch of orange to our peachy lips.

I’ve attached a few links for your convenience; take a look!

Fall 2013 Beauty Trends (Harper’s Bazaar)

Spring 2014 Beauty Trends (Harper’s Bazaar)

Spring 2014 Beauty Trends (Glamour)

Cover Photo: - (Derek Lam 2012)

Photo Credit in order: Harper’s Bazaar (Lanvin, ImaxTree), Harper’s Bazaar (Gucci, ImaxTree), Glamour Magazine (Courtesy of NARS), Harper’s Bazaar Magazine (ImaxTree),


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