London is a Man’s World

London Collections: Men is a three day event that emphasizes the creative and commercial prominence of British brands and emerging talent in menswear. Simply put, it is a three day event that showcases a wide spectrum of British fashion, from the emerging talents to internationally known menswear brands and Savile Row tailors. And guess what? It just happened; literally January 6th-8th were loaded with gorgeous male models, velvet blazers, and the top menswear designers in the world.

217369Outfits turned heads on the runway and off, and this week’s event proved that men’s style has evolved into something unbelievable.217336

While many people believe that fashion, accessories, and color are limited to women’s garments, they are not. From Burberry Prorsum’s models that walked the runway dressed in trench coats over mesh tops, wrapped in scarves with perfectly gelled quiffs, to Savile Row, Woolmark & St James’s perfectly tailored double breasted jackets and textured blazers, LCM presented the world of men’s fashion with new looks, new angles, and new aesthetics that will change how men dress from day to day.

Topman Design created a show that emphasized textures such as chunky knits, leather, and vinyl, while Agi & Sam built a runway featuring bold checkered jackets, excess fabric, and “uncompromising color” (Black and white based designs).


And these are just four designers out of many showcasing their Autumn/Winter 2014 lineups. Men’s style could not be better, and apparently this is the season for menswear. Keep on the lookout for any man walking the streets because based upon the LCM shows, he’s definitely dressed to impress.

Check out LCM’s website for more runway, showroom, and event pictures here!

Photo Credit (Top to bottom): (RAKE, Savile Row, Woolmark & St James’s, Topman Design, Burberry Prorsum, Agi & Sam Runway/showroom photos)

Featured Photo:, John Smedley runway


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