Plus Sized

I don’t usually write about health. I am by no means a health expert, personal trainer, or dietician, but I do feel that something needs to be cleared up here. I was just scrolling though Facebook, a website that doesn’t usually interest me unless I feel like stalking a cute guy. The point is, a friend of mine happened to have posted an article about a “plus size” model on Facebook; naturally I clicked the link.

Beauty is all in perspective, and unfortunately, societies across the globe have twisted what it means to be an “ideal woman”. As somebody that has struggled with body image for years, it made me so sad to see this article. Though the media has forced the image of stick thin women since Twiggy appeared in the mid-1960’s, it has spiraled out of control.

Grecian and Roman times emphasized the full figured women, with hips and breasts and obvious extra fat. Any idea why? Well, full figured women were seen to be beautiful because it meant they ate well. Large was beautiful. Now however, the starved look is beautiful. Ribs, protruding should blades, and this so called “thigh gap” (what even is that?) are all that we see in the media. The reason this article upset me is because our society has officially reached a point where they have pushed this stick thin ideal so far as to call a perfectly healthy and toned women, who has an amazing body, as plus sized. She is a size 12 which is the average size in America…so if she is plus sized, what do we call women who are size 18, 20, or 22. Are they not plus sized anymore? Are we to call them fat? Because they certainly aren’t. They are the type of women that every man yearned for thousands of years ago.

plus-sizeNot only was this article upsetting, but if you closely look at the picture below, this photo was posted by Cosmopolitan, a women’s magazine. It’s such a shame that so many girls and women, including myself, have succumbed to these ideals and feel badly about their bodies because of what is portrayed in the media by both men and women.

I have a unique body just as every woman does in this world. So, I thought I would share this article with you; so that you understand what a 19-year-old girl thinks when she sees an absolutely gorgeous, thin woman become the new “plus size”. I would like to think I have faith in society, that we will strive beyond these new body ideals. But if I don’t have faith in myself that I can successfully overcome this without feeling the tiniest amount of doubt, how am I ever supposed to have faith in the society that has twisted how we see ourselves?

You do not have to agree with me, I’m not asking for agreement. I know this post is a teensy bit more opinionated than usual.


Featured Photo: Chantelle (–new-collection-ISNT-curvier-women.html)

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