“Plane” Jane

Tomorrow I will be headed back to NYC. It’s not that I don’t like traveling by plane, I do, but it is such a hassle, in every way. Being able to fit a certain amount of things into a suitcase that weights under 50 lb., figuring out which items you need to pack in your carry on bag if your suitcase were to get lost(…so basically that’s everything), and what to wear to make the trip as easy as possible.

This here is your official guide to travel style: the do’s and don’ts of what you wear when flying. Every person has their own definition of comfort, so I’m not going to tell you to wear leggings or tights (I do, but that’s because I am then able to fold my legs into any position that will fit in the seat and won’t touch the person next to me).

Tip #1: wear clothing that is easy to take off if you need to go to the bathroom. Those airplane toilets are pretty darn small. Rompers and jumpsuits will have to wait until you’ve landed. Super tight skinny jeans…leave them in your checked bag.

Tip #2: wear shoes that are easy to take off at security and are comfortable for walking long distances when getting from terminal to terminal. Unless you’re going on a business trip…no heels.

Tip #3: if you don’t mind carrying bags, bring two carry-ons! You are technically allowed to have two. Put your important stuff in one, which goes under the seat, such as good reads, iPad/iPod/computer, all three, gum, water, scarf, basic essentials. Then, in the second carry-on, put the stuff you don’t need, such as any extra articles of clothing you shed at security, perfume/cologne for after-flight use, chargers, you get it.

Tip #4: do not load yourself up with perfume or cologne before you get on the flight! Remember, you are sharing a very small space with just a few extra people, and though you might love the smell of your Terre d’Hermès cologne, others might not feel the same way.

Tip #5: you never know who you’re going to meet at the airport or on the plane! Just because I told you to dress comfortably, does by no means suggest that you’re supposed to show up in your paint-covered sweats and a ripped graphic T. Dress how you would dress if you were going to see an old friend at a coffee shop: casual, put together, relaxed.

See you all in The Big Apple!

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  1. Ann

    As a young 20-something, a friend of mine was traveling internationally for business and dressed for comfort for the long flight. There was a terrible delay and the team went directly from the airport to the client. She had to attend a business meeting in clothing entirely too casual for a business meeting. Think about investing in a travel dress that can be wadded up in a ball without wrinkling. It certainly would have saved Libby all those years ago!!!

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