S.O.S! All Necked Out

Turtlenecks are a one of a kind top. And if you wear them the wrong way, you could be walking down the lane called Fashion Suicide. It is extremely easy to wear these shirts in an unflattering manner, so if you do decide to rock the turtleneck, beware! The problem is that this style shirt tends to make the wearer look all stuffed up, which results in the loss of your neck, a quite elegant part of your body. Many times, thicker materials such as wool, knits, or fleece have this effect; they swallow up your shoulders, collar bone, and neck, making you look round and your upper body somewhat squat. However, materials with nylon, polyester, silk, or cotton bases (basically thinner fabrics) can do just the opposite for your body! These thin fabrics may cling to your skin, but if it accentuates your neck and shoulders, then you are wearing the right type of turtleneck!



Photo Credit: Ginny Prince, Photographer


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