Sephora Scandal

About a week ago I almost got kicked out of Sephora. So you all owe me. I guess if you want the story, I’ll tell you. I went to Sephora to take some pictures for a beauty post, for this beauty post in fact. Since I was the only customer in the store, about five employees asked me if I needed help finding makeup and I finally said, with a big smile to the last woman (who was by far the most intimidating), “Oh I’m just taking some pictures for my blog!” MISTAKE. Then she gave me a death glare with her perfectly curled and highlighted do’ bouncing around her shoulders and said, “That is illegal.” She didn’t even ease into it. Apparently it has to do with copyright issues pertaining to the brand names? Oh and the best part… “You might want to delete that picture.” Well I didn’t. Nor did I delete the other seven pictures on my camera.

Anyways, I said, “Fine, is there somebody that can answer a few questions then?” Indeed there was, a calm redhead named Carrie. And since I didn’t want to overstay my (un)welcome, I asked three questions:

    1. What do people usually come for at Sephora?

C: Most people come in for basic make-up help, such as which foundations to use or how to apply eyeliner. They also come for skincare assistance; really they come for lots of different reasons, but skincare seems to be the most common.

    2. Is there an average age of the customers that shop here?

C: Not at all. People of all ages come here to buy products and get help with make-up. Younger girls come here for first time make up help, and older women come for anti-aging products and concealers. It just depends on the individual.

    3. Are there any brands that sell the best?

C: There are a couple name brands that sell a lot of their products like Hourglass or Urban Decay (because of name) but also they sell because of quality. I guess it depends on what type of makeup you’re looking for. Certain brands specialize in certain products.

And that about wrapped up the interview before I got embarrassed and ran out with a smirk on my face. Since I don’t want to post my own pictures of the makeup at Sephora (because frankly I don’t want to deal with any lawsuits) I have posted some pictures I found on the Internet.

That being said, walking into Sephora is the equivalent of walking into heaven. It smells good, is organized, and shimmers. Just don’t take pictures, or actually, don’t tell people you’re taking pictures.




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