The Down Low on High Heels

(Beginners Note: To all you high heel enthusiasts: I encourage you to comment on this post when you’re done reading and tell me what you think! What type of heel is your favorite? Any reasons why?)

With any shoe comes criticism and praise. So ladies, here is the down low on the shoe we love, heels.

What makes the heel so different from any other shoe is not the fact that it has a heel, but that this shoe is associated with “dressing up”. Whether that means going to work, a dinner date, or a charity event, heels are generally the shoes of choice. Though I do see many students strutting around on campus in heels, there is something inside of me that wonders why. Don’t you want to save heels for elegant times? And then…it hit me. Women wear heels on a normal basis nowadays because they can; because heels make women taller, more confident, and sexy, so why not wear heels and make every situation an event?!

You see, heels have become an everyday shoe because of the endless brands, styles, heights, and shapes. There is a heel for every situation: booties for a study date, pumps for a night at the bar, wedges for weddings, pointed toe heels for days at the office, snakeskin stilettos for your internship at a luxury house.

When choosing a pair of heels to buy or (a pair that you already own) to wear out, keep the occasion in mind!

Does your mother-in-law want to see you hobbling in six-inch red stilettos? Probably not…so try a wedge! There is something understated and relaxed about wedges. You can never go wrong in a wedge. 

Are you getting dressed for a job or internship? Why not choose a pair of heels with a shorter height, maybe around 2-2½ inches. This way they remain work-appropriate.

First date? Choose a shoe that is simple and fun! A bootie with a good pair of skinny jeans is not a bad idea…

It’s party time! Roll out the big guns and give your highest, sexiest pair of black stilettos some time to shine. I do warn you though, super tall pumps can have a scandalous effect if worn incorrectly. If you decide to wear your sexiest pair of shoes, watch the amount of skin you show; you don’t want to give people the wrong idea!

I could keep giving you examples of situations with the types of shoes to be worn, however that list could literally extend for pages. So, I’ve given you the most basic examples with the intention of getting this idea across. Best of luck!







Featured Photo: Micayla Lubka

Photo Credit: Micayla Lubka, Ann (Micayla’s Aunt)



  1. Ann

    What fabulous shoes!! Oh, wait!! Most of them are mine (I’m Micayla’s aunt). Love, love, love those lace up booties in the window!! Are those yours, Micayla? I wear fabulous shoes for the same reason I wear make up: it’s fun to play dress up. As my mother often says “I am the most important person I know, so I’m going to do what I want to do for me.” When it comes to make up, clothes, shoes and other accessories, I say Go For It!!!

  2. May favorite heels are almost all. I am not a big fan of boots but I do appreciate them; anything less than four inches tall I personally do not consider them true heels… Again, a personal position… 😉

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