Claret Color

The color claret is the color of this Fall/Winter 2014 fashion season. If you don’t know what color that is…no worries! It’s a bit like the color of wine, but add at touch of dark purple and possibly a bit of grey.

Better yet…claret isn’t limited to women’s fashion. Men’s suiting, blazers, bottoms, sportswear in general, has been rocking claret all season on the runways and off. The reason this hue works so well for men is because it is still completely masculine, but totally different than any neutral shade most commonly used in suiting or sportswear (black, navy, grey, khaki).

But, if you’re wondering where I snagged this amazing claret-colored, semi-peplum shirt? Free People! Not only is the color perfect, but the back has an edgy twist to it; business in the front, party in the back.

Hop on the claret wagon before it changes course. Spring is “springing” up quickly! Well, seeing as NYC just got hit with a nice snowstorm and negative weather, maybe not.




Featured Photo: (

Photo Credit: Ginny Prince, Photographer


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