Colors and Patterns and Prints, Oh My!

I’m not wearing black. In fact, I’m wearing a dress that is so unlike my usual style, I just had to buy it.This may be one of the only times you will see me in a dress this crazy so breathe it in, soak it up.

I originally tried it on because I thought the silhouette would work well for my body; I have a long torso, broad shoulders with a visible collarbone, small waist, and shorter legs. When I buy dresses in particular, I always go for shapes that accentuate my small waist and fall mid-thigh, and this dress does just that. It has a great 1940’s/1950’s vintage style neckline with flow-y cap sleeves; it buttons all the way down too. Finding this dress was so exciting. I mean it; I can never find printed dresses that I like, especially ones with leopard print! Yes, this is leopard print, but it’s not as noticeable because the print itself is enlarged and set against a bright color, which takes away the focus from the print. 

This dress is unique in my wardrobe; I don’t own anything like it. And that is the key here. It is good to have balance in your wardrobe, balance of colors, garments, shapes, sizes, prints, and basic pieces. This dress from Topshop adds balance to my otherwise neutral closet; its lightweight fabric makes it spring/summer appropriate and the color and pattern choice make it autumn/winter appropriate. It does not require accessories because the dress is the statement, and it will look good with wedges, stilettos, flats, oxfords (for a retro look), or boots.

Pick up a printed dress this spring and give your closet some seasonal excitement!


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