The Buyer’s Guide: Basic Buy

il_fullxfull.375632893_y2cuAs a student, I would say the most problematic aspect of life in general is not exam week, or awkward first dates, or even forgetting to feed my poor fish…it’s money.

To make matters worse, as somebody who loves fashion, not having unlimited money to buy whatever designer clothing I please, is well, quite frustrating. But, hey, that’s life and until I win the lottery, I will keep shopping the way I always shop: on somewhat of a budget. And, as much as I love to thrift shop, sometimes a girl needs her own clothing; clothing that has never been worn before (except by the thousands of shoppers that have tried them on). All the stores listed below are for men and women too! Here we go…

  1. Zara This is a great store for finding basic pieces for your wardrobe. Their items range from basics, to knits, to structured jackets, outerwear, bags, shoes, and a multitude of dresses. Their color palette is neutral, which is great for building up a wardrobe. The only downside is that there are some items that are unnecessarily pricey, but hey, every store has those items. Just walk past them and keep it moving; there are too many articles of clothing in this store that are good buys, so there’s no need to fret over a jacket that is $100 more. Kapish? zara1
  2. H&M– Don’t get me wrong, H&M has some great buys, but it is harder to shop there because they have a wider variety of clothing. Wait, isn’t that a good thing? Well…If you go in looking for jeans, you’ll most likely walk out with a sweater or two, maybe a blouse, possibly a hat and some skirts. It is far too easy to overspend here. So go in focused, with a certain garment in mind! Besides that, H&M’s prices are perfect for finding clothing that is totally acceptable and not too pricy.
  3. Uniqlo– Okay, this store is your basics heaven. Uniqlo’s existence is based upon the idea that people need basic pieces in their wardrobe, such as jeans, leggings, sweaters, shirts, and jackets. I love this store because you go there for the purpose of finding new pieces to build off of, and they have everything in a variety of colors. This store is the Yes I just used that phrase; deal with it.uniqlo-store
  4. Urban Outfitters Shopping here all depends upon your style. Some of their items can be pricy, but some are also reasonably priced. Their sale section is always stocked, and just FYI, their men’s V-necks are the comfiest ones around. If you’re looking for garments that have a little edge or a dash of hipster, this store is definitely the place to go; it’s not exactly the store to go to for basics, but they have a wide variety of items ranging from shoes, shirts, dresses, hats, jackets, home goods, beauty products, and my favorite, their dirty and hilariously funny books. The book about hot men and cute baby animals was my all time favorite.
  5. Gap I actually love the Gap, even though I don’t shop there as much anymore. The reason I love Gap is because their clothing is extremely comfortable, simple, and can be worn with other glitzier or crazier pieces. There is a certain sophistication about this store that is attractive; I wouldn’t call it preppy though. This store markets to everyone, and I mean everyone. You can be as preppy as can be and their sweaters will be acceptable. You can be hipster and their dark-wash jeans will look great with your printed crop top and fringe cross-body messenger back. You can be the manliest of men and their button-down shirts will look great for date night. Their prices are reasonable for the products they sell, which are clean cut, good quality, and honestly, timeless.

My apologies if these stores were not as “budget-wise” as I may have made them out to be. I have noticed recently that prices at stores I used to deem “cheap” have inflated; many of the prices found at these stores are accurate for what we might call reasonable these days. Keep your eyes open for more of these posts; I’ll fill you on stores for shoes, interview outfits, party wear, and beauty products!

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