S.O.S! When All Else Fails, Wear a V-Neck Tee

HUGO-Minimalist-V-Neck-Short-Sleeve-Dredos-T-Shirt-3Boys, if you only have one t-shirt in your collection, it should be a plain V-neck (preferably white). End of discussion. This simple t-shirt is a staple item, just as thongs are for a woman’s wardrobe in which tight pants flow freely. They are that important. Reason being? They look good on any body shape! If you’ve been working on muscle tone, the V-neck is perfect. It will give a slight glimpse of your upper body, and hug your arms, which is a good way to show off the guns. For those of you men with a slimmer figure, the V-neck is a good shape for you too, but for different reasons. Basically, it shows that you are confident with you body! It shows that you’re not trying to hide the fact that your muscles aren’t as prominent as Mike Tyson’s. Furthermore, this shirt is acceptable to wear under jackets, blazers, and sweaters, and has a slight “dressiness” to it that makes it acceptable for parties, dates, business lunches, and tutoring sessions. And, better yet, you can find them at literally every store.

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  1. benjaminsaccaggi

    Also: a great body trimmer if you have a bit extra around the middle, without making it look like you’re trying to dress slim 😉

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