S.O.S! To Texture or not Texture

Clothing with texture is gold. IMG_0445

Take a little black dress for example. On the left side of the texture spectrum you have your basic fabrics such as cotton, linen, certain silks, nylon, and other fabrics that tend to be flatter. They can have gorgeous results, but lack the type of depth that texture provides. As you move further right on this texture spectrum, you’ll find wool, leather, tweed, knits, sequined fabrics, denim, suede, velvet, vinyl, the list can go on and on. When wearing these, choose wisely and proportionally. If you pair the right textures together, it won’t be overwhelming; if you outdo yourself though…not so good.

If you’re going to wear an intense piece, maybe limit yourself to wearing just that one textured garment (whether that is a dress, skirt, or jacket) and let the other understated pieces act as foil objects for the textured garment.


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