The Value of Vintage

Well hi there. Apparently, having an internship, being a full time student, and getting enough sleep takes more time than I thought…That should just about sum up the reasons why I haven’t blogged recently.

Today, I decided to head down to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So, what better topic to discuss than vintage jewelry?

A while ago I dug through the many drawers-worth of antique and contemporary jewelry that my aunt has collected; I decided it was necessary to blog about this type of jewelry. To be honest, I don’t have the best eye for vintage accessories; my style aesthetic is simple, sleek, and contemporary. However, for somebody with an eye for antiques like my aunt, finding pieces like these is not hard (but by no means easy either…).

So, what exactly are you supposed to look for in antique/vintage/collectors jewelry?

  1. Well first off, what type of base is used? Silver? Gold? Platinum? Sterling Silver? Ivory? Glass?
  2. Are there any precious and/or semi-precious stones?
  3. Where is it from? What year was it made?
  4. Does it have any cultural or familial significance?
  5. Is it wearable or sellable? Is it in good condition?
  6. Most importantly, do you like it enough to buy it?

To get a good feel for vintage jewelry and how to wear it, just take a look at the slideshow below! I chose a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and rings that give a well-rounded image of how to complement the jewelry with differently colored/styled tops.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Any questions? Just leave a comment!

Photo Credit: Ginny Prince Photography


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