White Can Wait

Ok, hi. I know I know, I haven’t blogged since January.

Reason: I have been on hiatus (so to speak).

Why? Well…maybe hiatus isn’t the right word. Let’s just say I was busy with computer programming, interning, writing papers, reading theoretical texts on sexuality, procrastinating at various coffee shops in the village, and trying to find myself? Is that too cliché ? Yeah, a bit.

Anyways, here I am. Back in Milwaukee. Although I have only had this blog up and running for approximately one year, it will change yet again. You see, over the course of this past year in NYC I found that my personal style changed immensely, and I want to start sharing my personal style with you.

I started the year off wearing bohemian dresses with ankle boots and black tights. I welcomed anything loose,”flowy”; anything with an “ethereal” cut. Floral was nice. So was the color white…and pink for that matter. T-shirts were out of the question. How manly and unflattering. Blazers? What blazers? Just pants in general- I don’t think I touched a single pair of my 20+ pairs of jeans until January. My hair was long, ombre; It looked great with big earrings and rings on each finger.

And then, I interned at Esquire Magazine. By this time, I was already in the process of my style rehabilitation, but things change quickly when you walk into the lobby of the Hearst Corporation building at Columbus Circle. “Things” being my style.

To make a long, long story short: the year ended with my dorm closet bursting with black clothing. Fine, add some navy, crimson, grey, and a dash of white. Blazers? Oh yeah. Dresses?  I wear them occasionally now…only if they are black or some dark hue in a neutral tone. Pants? Every day. Whether it’s black jeans or ankle slacks, pants are my go-to bottom. Denim is a big deal, and I have yet to dip my toes in leather. I love blouses, silky tank-tops and cardigans, T-shirts (that I tuck in), and tunics. Flats are my go-to shoe (at least for the spring/summer). I rock a short, edgy bob now.

So yeah, my style changed. My closet basically consists of all black everything, but hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. And as my father says, it takes about a year to truly become a “New Yorker”. Well, as far as style goes, I became a “New Yorker” a long time ago. White will simply have to wait.



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