It’s Called a Mun

Men’s grooming is a little bit out of my territory when it comes to fashion and beauty. But it is necessary that I discuss this topic. Now.

My friends like to pick on me when it comes to muns (and by the way I just typed “muns” 11 times due to the computer auto-correcting it to “nuns”). Apparently I have a weird obsession with them? I’m not quite sure why just yet. I guess I just find them really, really attractive! For those of you that are not familiar with the mun, it’s a portmanteau word of sorts: man + bun = mun. A MAN BUN. 

Many people like to diss this look, mostly because it looks “grungy” or “dirty”. To be honest, it all depends on how well you groom. You’re probably saying to yourself, Ok Micayla, get to the point, how do I achieve this “perfect mun”?

1. Figure out why type of hair you have. Straight or curly? This matters because different hair types create different mun effects.

2. Length matters. Shorter hair needs only to be finger-combed back into a messy mun; longer hair should probably be brushed back and twisted into a knot (to keep it tidy!). *Personally, I like seeing a messy mun with little pieces of hair tucked behind the ears or just hanging around. (Refer to picture below.)*


3. Keep your hair clean! It’s one thing to to have a short haircut and not wash/brush your hair for a few days. It’s another when you have long hair. It’s obvious if you haven’t groomed!

4. You will probably want to use some type of light-weight putty or styling cream in order to give your mun a little texture and styled messiness. Stay away from gels or any product that leaves noticeable residue.

5. Wear your mun with confidence. Any man/woman that is attracted to men with muns can sniff out an insecure munner (I just made that up- “wearer of a mun”).

6. At this point, you might as well let your facial hair grow a bit.


Here is a lovely tumblr blog devoted to muns, so if you’re a man and want to look at some pictures this site is good for you! If you are a man/woman who just wants to look at pictures of muns because it turns you on, this blog is really good for you.

**Also I have a question…why aren’t there any pictures of Kit Harington rocking a mun on Google? If you find such a picture, post it in a comment. It would be deeply appreciated.**




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